Uniting the Virtual Workforce – Transforming Leadership and Innovation in the Globally Integrated Enterprise

by: Karen Sobel-Lojeski

       Richard R. Reilly
       Wiley; Microsoft Executive Leadership Series
       © 2008
       Reviewed by: Michael LoBue

The topics and discoveries authors Sobel-Lojeski and Reilly discuss in this book are valuable, if not essential, for any enterprise during any economic climate.

I found their work particularly poignent in two important ways. First, that distance is not just a physical condition, but a psychological condition that often exists between workers. And, that these psychological gulfs can have a more significant impact on the results than physical distances.

Second, they present a framework for understanding and measuring these psychological distances in their construct of the Virtual Distance Model.
The Virtual Distance Model is comprehensive and comprised of three major parts: physical distance; operational distance; and affinity distance.

Their writing style is easy on the reader and as much for line managers as it is for C-suite executives. For that matter, it also contains useful concepts and practical lessons for entrepreneurs and professional sole-practitioners looking to improve their effectiveness working in teams, working in teams within an office, or worlds and cultures spanning wide time-zones.
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