L&M’s Services

L&M provides the full suite of services an association is likely to require to fulfill its goals:

Management Services

L&M provides a chief staff executive who will be responsible for overall management and operations of your organization.  This individual will have earned their Certified Association Executive credential from the American Society of Association Executives, or be on track to earn the credential when they are eligible to sit for the exam.

The chief staff executive will also work closely with the board of directors and executive committee members to support the board in their governance roles.

Membership Administration

An organization’s members play a critical role in its success. L&M is experienced in supporting member involvement in North America, Europe and Asia. Our skilled Member Services staff meet service requirements customized to each client.

Financial Management

L&M’s experienced accounting department supports our Executive Directors and organizational treasurers to meet every financial management requirement that an organization may face. All transactions and financial records are executed in an audit-ready manner and in compliance with our own accredited policies, as well as state, federal and international regulations.

Marketing Programs

L&M provides a wide range of marketing program services. These are managed directly or by partnering with other service providers to help your membership communicate effectively with your target audiences.

These services include:

  • Strategic Marketing Planning
  • Collateral Development and Distribution
  • Membership Needs Surveys
  • Membership Program Development
  • Membership Retention Programs
  • Trade Show Planning and Presence
  • Webinars
  • and more…

Meetings & Events

L&M manages more than 20 member meetings per year in North America, Europe and Asia. In addition to these face-to-face meetings, we also support scores of teleconferences each year for client boards and member committees. We are also experienced planning and hosting virtual meetings and conferences during this period of social isolation. L&M can assess your meeting and conference needs and recommend best platforms to achieve your event and meeting goals.

Internet Infrastructure

L&M’s solutions are based on open platforms and are tailored to meet client requirements while remaining flexible and portable.