Michael Majdalany re-certified as association executive

The American Society of Association Executives recently renewed Michael Majdalany’s CAE, certified association executive credential, this highest professional credential in the association industry.

The credential is National Commission for Certifying Agencies accredited.

Less than 5 percent of all association professionals have achieved this credential.

To earn it, candidates must first submit an application satisfying professional experience and education requirements. Successful applicants must next pass an examination on all aspects of association management. The certification must be renewed every three years through additional studies and leadership activities.

All L&M Executive Director Staff are CAE Credentialed
It has been L&M’s firm policy that any staff member serving in the capacity of a client’s chief staff officer (e.g., executive director) will either obtain the CAE credential, or be on the path to earning the credential when they are eligible. Very few AMCs have such a requirement; less than five that we know of. While there are many pluses to such a policy, there is one overriding reason — the role of executive director is so important to the overall success of an association that it should be filled by someone committed to this line of work. Earning the highest professional credential in the field is the best way someone can demonstrate that commitment to the profession.

All L&M senior staff serving clients in a chief staff capacity in the U.S. have earned their CAE credential. It is not relevant outside of the U.S. at this time.

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