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Following the successful launch of one of our clients (IIIP) on Movable Type (MT), we continue our learning on this robust social media platform by upgrading our own site to MT.

As with the IIIP site, we needed to reevaluate our content for the expanded capabilities of this context-based social media environment. The basic question driving the content was: “What content is purely informational in nature vs. that which is opinion in nature?” The distinguishing feature seemed to be whether or not the content was suitable for reader comment. We are also developing our own association management system within MT to manage client sites as clients choose to move to this platform. The advantages are a true win-win for our clients and for the firm.

The clients moving to our MT platform will have all the features and functionality they currently enjoy, plus the benefits that come with an advanced social media and social publishing environment — and at no additional operating costs to the organizations. L&M staff will continue to support client sites with consistent processes that result in efficient operational support for clients.

Two L&M Clients Moving to MT
The SCSI Trade Association has already decided to move from L&M’s hosted Notes platform to MT — that work is in process now. The San Francisco Chapter of Western Pension & Benefit Conference is launching a social publishing site in Q1 of this year to provide enhanced publishing capabilities to its membership.

For more information about L&M’s implementation of MT, please contact Michael LoBue.

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