L&M Services 2018

L&M Services

L&M provides the full suite of services an association is likely to require to fulfill its goals:

L&M is committed to providing more than a collection of functional services. We are committed to our clients’ success, which involves more than satisfying operational needs. It requires learning about our clients’ industries and professions and performing our work in ways that deliver impact, not just “job done”. The graphic below represents our view of the work we perform for our clients.

The lower levels of the graphic concern the “things we do” and “the knowledge we possess,” rising up to “how we think” about the challenges and choices we, and our clients, face.

However, in the end, what value is in the things we do and the thoughts we think, if we can’t translate all that into impact? Nothing – much like bright light that doesn’t generate any heat!

Therefore, to ensure impact, we need to focus on changes the organization can create outside itself and L&M needs to perform our work for that impact, not just completing tasks.