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Obtain answers to the most pressing questions asked by association leaders over more than 20 years about the AMC model.

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What L&M can do for you

In addition to full management and operational services, L&M has a collection of a la carte services for executive directors, CEOs and Boards of Directors.

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Our Team

Our staff are highly experienced and versatile in association operations. Our staff tenure is quite high at 15 years, demonstrating their commitment to our clients.

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What satisfied clients are saying about L&M

"Since our founding in 2004, L&M has been an important part of our growth and success.  L&M has provided me, other contractors and our members a strong and reliable back-office operation, handling accounting, meeting support, membership management and over the past couple of years project management support for several of our important committees."


Amy Cadagin, Executive Director
Messaging Mobile & Malware Anti-Abuse Working Group

"As an independent medical certification Board led by volunteer physicians, we needed support from a management team that could provide organizational advice and a reliable infrastructure to keep our governing board, committees, and programs running smoothly. L&M has the experience and leadership skills that make it easy for us run a highly respected organization and to achieve our goals and aspirations. Their involvement is a large part of our success. I would strongly recommend L&M for an association's professional management needs."

Neil M. Khilnani, M.D., FSIR, FAVLS, DABVLM
President, American Board of Venous and Lymphatic Medicine

"Since 1996 L&M has provided our board and membership with sound counsel and advice that has resulted in a strong organizational foundation that allows us to focus on technology and industry marketing challenges.  We've been able to do this because of the high level support L&M provides for governance, management and operational support."

Cameron Brett, President
SCSI Trade Association

“L&M has provided strong support to the Transaction Processing Council (TPC) over the past 20 years. They’ve been instrumental in maintaining smooth working relationships with third party vendors, have stepped in when service providers have been unavailable, and were a great help in ushering our association into its current mission as the trusted authority on performance benchmarks. It’s been a very productive relationship.”

Mike Brey, Chair, TPC Steering Committee
Director for NoSQL Database, Oracle Corporation