Governance vs. Management

Michael LoBue writes:  “Governance” and “management” are terms used so often by organizations that they’ve become nearly meaningless as useful distinctions for roles and responsibilities.

This first post in this category is intended to merely set a general direction for future posts and to establish several themes to help bring meaning back to these words for organizations.

First, general definitions of each:

Governance is responsible for “determining the right things” for organizations to do.

Management is reponsible for “doing things the right way”.

Perhaps a useful distinction here is that governance is responsible for answering the organization’s “what questions” and management is responsible for the organization’s “how questions”.

Future posts under this category will explore the practical aspects of these general definitions and distinctions, which would include:

  • Early warning signs of governance / management dysfunction
  • Governance planning – who’s responsible?
  • Management’s role in planning
  • Sound practices for healthy governance
  • The different time-horizons for governance and management
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