Get the most out of performance reviews

Let’s be honest.  Most association board members, executives and staff do not look forward to performance reviews.  Most executives and board members I’ve spoken to about performance reviews are not satisfied with the methods in place and the person being reviewed feels like there’s a surprise waiting for them.  And, the surprise is usually an unpleasant one.

This post outlines a performance review tool L&M has used for more years than I can remember – always with positive and constructive results.Continue reading

Get the most out of your board meetings

If you’re frustrated at the end of board meetings because you feel that you’re not focusing on the right issues nor making the most of your scarce board-meeting time, perhaps the following best practices can get your board back on track.

The Right Allocation of Time

Recognizing that an organization’s board of directors has the exclusive franchise for the organization’s future, then the majority of your time should focus on the future when your board is in session.  Yet, the board is also responsible for oversight, which is not the future, but current programs and activities.  What’s a board with limited time supposed to do?Continue reading