Are Priorities an Issue for Your Board?

If you are experiencing low board engagement, even in a small subset of board members, it’s more often that board commitment is not a high enough priority for success.

There are a variety of steps you, as the executive director, can take to address the matter of making board member commitment the right priority for success.  Of course, what specific steps to take depends on a number of cultural factors.  This post does not attempt to address culture and the myriad contextual factors that may exist in a specific organization or situation.  But there are some general approaches that have proven useful to me.

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COVID-19 Infection Rates in SF Bay Area Counties

Updated September 13  2020 – As of September 9th the total number of positive tests for COVID-19 in the 6 Bay Area counties reached 77,493. The 6-County daily rate of change was 0.62% (It’s been between 3.29% and .31% since July 14 – there was a bit of a spike in mid-August, but it has flattened some since then.  Hopefully, the trend in reducing the number of positive cases over the past few weeks will continue – if we continue good practices.  See the line chart (third chart). 

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