AMCs Manage Client Bottom Lines Through Recession

OVERVIEW: After adding 990 tax return data for 2010 to the original study, we learned that organizations managed by AMCs essentially left the Great Recession behind in 2009, returning to pre-recession operating levels of performance in 2010. Conversely, standalone organizations were still struggling to recover from the recession. We also learned more about the whys of these trends. Basically, the AMC-model was more adept at adjusting expenses to match revenue.

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Data-driven Management Decisions

In the past few years there’s been an increased emphasis on data-driven management in the association management field. This is to be applauded. But data alone will not improve management decisions. At L&M we believe there are five basic steps to solid management studies to increase the likelihood that the right questions are being asked to produce the best answers that time and budget allow.

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