What is an AMC?

Michael LoBue writes: An association management company (AMC) is a for-profit service firm that provides professional management and administrative services to associations.   Perhaps the best way to understand the services is to list the benefits AMC client organizations receive from the relationship:

  • highly experienced personnel who often support more than one client organization at one time, thus able to bring rich and diverse problem solving skills to each client they support;
  • highly efficient use of resources and economies of scale as no client organization shoulders the full burder of occupancy and related fixed-costs of operations; and
  • because all staff are employees of the AMC, the association avoids all the obligations associated with being an employer

AMCs are viable solutions for organizations of all sizes; whether engaging an AMC for full management and operations, or for specific services to complement hired staff.

Quality AMCs also invest in staff development in training in ways that many associations with their own staff are simply not able to afford.  One way to identify quality AMCs is whether or not the firms support professional certification like the Certified Association Executive program from the ASAE, or firm accreditation from the AMC Institute.